Happy Co-Parenting Through Summer Break

Talking to your ex is one thing, but planning, communicating and being agreeable with your ex is another thing completely. You’re not just exes, you’re parents too and that means some extra effort goes into keeping this summer the break your family and kids deserve. Great times and great memories don’t just happen, you’ve got to do your part to keep stress low and create happy summer memories!  Here are some things to keep in mind.


  • It’s all about your child(ren).  No matter what the situation, make sure they benefit in the end.
  • Peace. The stress of co-parenting through all your summer happenings is inevitable, so it’s all about how you handle it.  Be strong and be the example of peace for your family.


  • Speak Kindly – This isn’t as simple as it sounds, we know.  But the difference between a nice tone and a negative tone can save you a lot of misunderstandings and negative interactions.
  • Communicate and Confirm – Be as clear as possible about your plans and expectations, once everything is worked out, confirm one last time before you part or end your conversations. A quick text to wrap up of the plan and reference later on never hurts.
  • Find a Mediator – If smiling through a polite conversation with your ex just isn’t possible, don’t hesitate to designate a mediator to keep important information flowing without all the emotion.
  • Be flexible – Disappointment, frustration and impatience are sure to make an appearance this summer, but if you make the decision to not sweat the small stuff, it’ll be easier to get back to your summer break happiness.
  • Enjoy Your Summer – Obstacles and all, you’re making this whole thing work one way or another, and you’re doing it for the people you love the most.

It’s Your family, Your Life and Your Story to Write.

Everyone here at Rachel Frazier Johnson Law wishes you a great summer break and hope that we have helped in a small way to ease the stress of co-parenting.

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