The Costs of Not Having An Attorney

When it comes to hiring an attorney a good majority of individuals think the costs far outweigh the reward. Although, this can be a money saving avenue for some, the truth is for most people, saving money in the beginning costs much more in the end.

Attorney, Lauren A. Bostick, is a natural born advocate who’s dedicated to helping others through her extensive experience in family law, divorce, child custody, spousal maintenance and child support provides us with a great example of what hiring the right lawyer can do for you.

Lauren consistently achieves outstanding results for our clients and their family court matters. Just yesterday she produced another big win.

Our clients came to Lauren with a tragic story and in desperate need of child support she felt she was owed. Previously, she went to court unrepresented in her family case matter while the opposing party had acquired counsel.

What You Need to Know:

Without much knowledge of the law representing yourself is an arduous task, one only more challenging when you are working against an opposing party that has hired counsel. It’s important to remember that clearly, no attorney can guarantee results but one thing to remember is that unrepresented you can face opposing counsel who’s life’s work has been to do what you are trying to learn and execute effectively.

It’s hard work and although not impossible, winning a case unrepresented when facing another represented party, is an exception to the rule and not the rule.

Unfortunately, our client, like most unrepresented clients, had to learn the hard way resulting in the judge not ruling in the opposing party’s favor.

In fact, this resulted in a denial of child support and, to make things worse, an order to pay the other party’s attorney’s fees.  Not only was the child support she needed denied but now she had to pay for the other party’s counsel.

After this unfavorable ruling, she called us. Attorney Bostick listened to her story, sought understanding of the events, and then drawing on her knowledge and experience of family law, concluded that the client did in fact, have grounds for child support.

What You Need to Know:

One thing to remember when looking for counsel is that no matter who your attorney is, they cannot guarantee results. But what does work in your favor is the results are based on the specific facts of your case and the rulings of the Court. Which means, when hiring your attorney, it’s important to share all of your story, make sure the attorney is listening attentively, and feel confident that they can act as your advocate.

This case is a prime example of why we recommend at minimum consulting with an attorney before making the decision to hire or not hire an attorney. It could save you much more money in the end.

Another demonstration of Attorney Bostick’s talents, experience and commitment to advocating for those who cannot for themselves was one our client is grateful for.

Our client was awarded the child support she needed to properly provide for her children. And the court vacated, cancelled, the order requiring her to pay the other’s attorney’s fees.

It was a huge win for our client and another example of what hiring the right attorney can do for your.

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